Wheel of Fortune

Turn the Tarot Wheel Of Fortune and discover what awaits you when it comes to love, work or consciousness! The Magician is the central figure in this Oracle of all times. When you click on the spinning Wheel of Fortune, the Magician reveals your lucky card and describes in detail what it means to you. Good luck!

Wheel of Fortune

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A glimpse into the future with the Wheel of Fortune

On this page you can find out what the Wheel of Fortune has to say to you. As is the case with all Oracles at Free Horoscope Tarot, the usage of the Wheel of Fortune is completely free. Through the Magician, the Wheel of Fortune provides insights into the future in terms of love, work or consciousness. The Wheel of Fortune on this page is a "Wheel of Happiness". This means that the predictions are based on situations in which the user is a life-affirming positive person. After all, we cannot expect to receive an abundance of happiness if we ourselves do not believe in personal happiness or if our thoughts and feelings are blocking our happiness. Can Tarot cards indicate anything about the future? While it is certainly possible and has been sufficiently proven in daily practice, it needs to be put into sharper focus. Tarot cards can indicate which options are likely to be available. An Oracle is seldom able to make absolute or 100% accurate predictions, because there are too many influences that determine the future. Nevertheless, Oracles and Oracle cards are often used to make predictions and are capable of producing important insights. More often than not, the results are stunning. This is because we are dealing with archetypal forces that are present throughout the universe. Also, if you have questions about love, about a relationship, about your work, finances or your future, a Tarot Card or Tarot Spread can clarify a lot.

Did you know...

The Tarot Wheel of Fortune

Both the name and image of the Wheel of Fortune are mysterious and enigmatic. The Wheel of Fortune can bring about mixed feelings, because it is an image that can evoke both uncertainty and hope. The Wheel of Fortune announces the inevitable. The mysterious aspect can be found in the independent and neutral character. The Wheel has no independent value, is not looking for results and is actually very impersonal. In numerogical order, the Wheel of Fortune is the tenth card of the Great Arcana. The number 10 has 1 as numerological number (10 = 1 + 0 = 1). The 10 opens and starts a new cycle of evolution. Each subsequent cycle takes place at a different and more subtle level than the previous one. The numbers 7 and 10 are closely linked. Both numbers indicate the end of a process and the beginning of a different or subsequent process. 10 is a number that symbolizes a totality in motion.

Wheel of Fortune Symbolism

The name of this card consists of two terms: Wheel and Fortune. A wheel symbolizes the course of time which takes place in circles. In practice, the wheel is a human invention and therefore symbolises creative intelligence and ingenuity. Actually, the whole Tarot itself is a "rota", a wheel! The mystery of the Wheel of Fortune can be found in its predictive character, in which events are likely to take a new turn. In the Wheel, Luck and Happiness are synonymous with Providence, Coincidence and Fate. Providence connects us with a divine dimension or a dimension that is higher than human understanding. In a sense, the Wheel also represents the galaxy with the sun in the middle. This Great Cosmic Wheel therefore also illustrates the relationship between the 12 constellations, the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Wheel of Fortune allegory

Fortune is also material wealth of course. A Wheel of Fortune is an allegorical concept that expresses the unfolding of events. Events leading to happiness or accident, abundance or destruction, happiness or accident, pleasure or sorrow, etc. It is also the expression of fate. It indicates circumstances that can only be adjusted by responding to what is happening. There is no other choice but to allow it to happen and adapt, or to fight against the events that occur.

Strange creatures

We can see three animal-like creatures on the Tarot Wheel of Fortune (see the page Tarot Cards). Two of these strange creatures have become entangled in the Wheel. The third being seems to rest quietly and proudly on a box placed illogically on top of the wheel. This is illogical, because this box will tilt and fall when the wheel moves in the slightest direction. The third being is in the middle of the image. It is not stuck in the wheel. It sits on the table top, which is plaved on the wheel in an improbable way. The Wheel of Fortune thus represents the ups and downs of life, moments of happiness and moments of suffering, pleasures and frustrations, times of activity and inactivity, etc.

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