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On this page, the Tarot Card gives insight in your personal topic of the day. The question "Can tarot Cards predict the future?" has often arisen. The answer is: Yes and no! A Tarot Card Reading can enlighten you about the probability of events, connected to you and your environment. But it’s almost impossible to predict an absolute truth about the future . There are too many factors influencing the future. Nevertheless, Tarot Cards are widely used to predict future events and, even with amazingly accurate results! That’s because there are powerful symbols of active universal forces present in every Tarot card Reading, affecting all existing phenomena; both material and non-material.

Tarot Daily Card

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Tarot Layers

Try to look at the Tarot as a multi-layered pie. These layers correspond to different levels of life, the plans for the future in everyone's life and different levels of understanding. Just like a well-baked cake, the different layers form a well-balanced whole.

Worldly level

First of all, we can see the secular level, where each symbol in the picture has to be interpreted separately. Each symbol is like an allegory that does not stand on its own, but should be understood in interaction with the other symbols. Each image is like an event within a story that applies to everyone. Although this level is very practical, we must be careful not to be overly simplistic.

Tarot true meaning

The next level is much more interesting because it reflects the true meaning of the Tarot. It is at this level that the path of life, the initiation of a person from birth to the end of his journey of initiation, is at stake. Nothing happens by chance. Life is a journey of self-discovery, showing the steps to reach wisdom and revealing, which circumstances are preventing someone from reaching that goal.

Subtle Tarot

The next level is more speculative and thin, because it is a more spiritual and subtle level. Here, the Tarot cards show something about the history of the world that is at stake as part of the Cosmic Intention. This is about the fall of the ego, with all the trials and illusions it entails, until the eventual return to the Source. Such a Tarot Card Reading is about awareness of ego as well as about the Holy or High Consciousness. The Tarot describes our obligatory journey through the world of the ego, whose laws and traps we must understand in order to free ourselves from our illusions and reach the only house that is worthwhile; the House of our Divine Heart.

Minor Arcana

Finally, there is the level of the Minor Arcana. It is mainly about details, about society, the peoples and races, its Kingdoms and the different forces. Pentacles are a symbol of the business world, the Wands of the industrialists, the Swords of the civil servants and the Cups of higher values and religion.

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