The Magician's Secret

What secret message is waiting for you? Reveal the mystery now!

How does it work? Follow the instruction of each card and experience the valuable insight showed to you.

NOTE: After each click, the cards are shuffled again. In the Magician's Secret Spread, the same card may exist several times.

Enjoy your unique and enticing Tarot Magician!

The Magician has your special gift. What does it look like? It is still a mystery....
Follow your magic arrow

arrow 1

First a little explanation....
Do not be alarmed: It is not difficult at all and I will guide you to unfold the secret step by step.
Below the arrow you can see the layout of The Magician's Secret Spread.

arrow 2

The building of the pattern
"The Magician's Secret"

tarot pattern

If you want to lay down your own cards yourself? That's possible of course. You have to do it like this:

tarot pattern 2

Now we will continue with your Tarot Spread.
You are getting closer to the reveal of your secret.

arrow 3

Before your mystery is unravelled, the Magician needs to know more about you. Contemplate each card. Look at your card consciously and be aware of your feelings.

How do you feel right now? Click on your card of Feeling & Emotion

Your Feeling

Random Ram

The Magician is already getting to know you a little bit. Now he wants to know more.
What is your view of the world? Click on your World Card

Your view of the world

Random Stier
arrow 4

The Tarot Magician still needs to know more about you.
How do you deal with emotions and how do you think about things? Click on your Emotions and Thoughts Card.

Your Emotions

Random Tweeling

Your Thoughts

Random Kreeft
arrow 5

You are already a long way down the path to the unfolding. The secret  is almost revealed!
What does your inner power look like in reality? Click on the Inner Power and Reality Card

Inner Power

Random Leeuw


Random Maagd

The last thing the Magician wants to know about you, are your innermost desires.
What are your Heart's Desires? Click on your Heart's Desires Card

Your Heart's Desires

Random Weegschaal

There is only one card left: The Card that shows you who you really are.
Click on the arrow beneath when you are ready

Did you know...

The Magician in Tarot

The Tarot Magician holds something in his right hand. He's dressed in red and white. His tools are a cup, a stick, a sword and a shield with a star on it. The Tarot Magician suggests manipulation, intelligence, trust and diplomacy. The Magician in Tarot brings revelations to light, which are to be applied preferably to the pragmatic and physical aspect of life. The Magician means success and reaching the goal.

Symbols of the Tarot Magician

The 1 is the beginning, from which we will be able to work. To follow a path of self-realization, one must already be an individual. The Magician is surrounded by flowers. By cultivating his will he cultivates his garden: he controls what he sows because he knows that we reap what we sow. At the top of the card, red roses represent the active principle of will. At the bottom, they mingle with white lilies, symbols of female receptivity: the world receives the action of the will (its receptive side), but it must also be taken into account (its active side).

The Will in balance

The Magician in Tarot, as the link between these two planes, is both active and receptive. He takes the world into account before applying his will to it. His clothing is red on the outside and white on the inside. The headband that encircles the Magician's forehead reminds us that we must discipline our mind in order to effectively apply our will.

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