Dear Angels

Which Dear Angel sits on your shoulder today?

Empty your head for a moment. Don't think about anything and open yourself up to the simplicity of Dear Angelic Energy.
Click on your Dear Angel Card to find out what kind of support you can expect today.

This Angel sits on your shoulder today:

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Playful Little Angels at Free Horoscope Tarot

These little Feel-Good Angel cards are playful, loving and humorous. You can quickly consult them every moment of the day and keep their heartfelt advice in mind. You’ll feel more supported and their words are thought-provoking. Are you very busy? See the Angels as an opportunity to take a short break as well as a moment to relax. Dwell on the Angel card’s keyword for a moment and your day will be brighter and more fun. You and your partner can consult the Sweet Angels together. Angels are supernatural beings. At the same time you can see something human in them. Look at the angel card messages as short but valuable gifts, specifically aimed at getting you in touch with the softness of your heart. Because the messages are short and powerful, you can use them as answers to your deeper questions. Concentrate on your question for a moment. Don't think about anything and lay yourself open to Dear Angelic Energy. Click on your Dear Angel Card to find out what kind of support you can expect today.

Did you know...

Humorous Angel cards

Why wait with laughter until you feel happy? Just start laughing without reason, and you'll be happy! Humor is: loving yourself and others. It's letting go. A smile is caused by humor, tickling or selfreflection. Even crying is closely connected to humor, which can sometimes be confusing. Humor is openness of mind and openness of heart, like a flower that opens up to the sun. Humor is a good mood that spreads like a sweet fragrance. While the angel cards on this page are meant as a support, they also help you to strengthen your good mood or to bring a good mood to the surface.

Be like a child with angel cards

Humor is sensitive. Humor is the result of our emotional thoughts. Humor is surprise, wonder and exuberance. You only have to look at nature to realize that the divine has a great sense of humor. Look at the child's smile and how full of beauty it is. Look at the sun and the rainbow. They are like a smile on our faces. See how much fun you can have in your life. Laugh at your mistakes, because that's wisdom. Laugh with a good heart, for it is good for your heart and soul. A person is often too serious when it comes to spirituality. The angelcards on this page are like spirituality with a smile. Spirituality can sometimes be difficult when we see ourselves as in a mirror, but spirituality doesn't have to be heavy. A smile helps.

Spiritual Angel Cards

The spiritual is humorous, fascinating and inspiring. Nobody knew and lived that more than the Buddha himself! Laugh at life and life laughs back. Humour is defined by a positive mood, (good) jokes, funny events, joyful encounters, a friendly gesture, ironic events, comical and imaginative stories. Humour is the lightness of the mind, of the whole human being. It is the flexibility and softness of the soul. A smile is a gift to the world. Let's be cheerful and lively. Let us spread good humour, because it is a great source of joy and therefore of pure happiness.

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