Tarot Balance Spread

Tarot Three Card Reading of Functionality

Thinking, feeling and acting are not always in line with each other. How are you balanced?

The first card indicates the way you think. The second card shows, how you perceive things emotionally. The third card demonstrates, what the final action looks like. Turn inward and feel what is present now. Click on the cards to see what kind of action is the result of your mental and emotional functioning.

How you think:

Random Ram

How you feel:

Random Stier

How you act:

Random Tweeling

Tarot Card Reading: Thinking, Feeling and Acting in Balance

As a whole, this Tarot Card Reading describes the way you function as a thinking, feeling and acting human being. In an ideal world, these three functions are working well together. Usually, our psychological inner world has other plans. Unfortunately, thinking, feeling and acting are like islands, far apart from each other and unable to communicate with each other. Read the descriptions on each card and compare them. If they contradict each other or do not match, draw your conclusions and use your Tarot Card Reading as a way to grow and develop yourself. Would you like to balance your thinking, feeling and acting? Discover the possibilities of personal growth yourself! Try also the extensive Tarot 5 card spread !

Did you know...

Tarot main functions

The Tarot has two complementary and fascinating aspects. First of all, we can see the symbolic richness in each card. These symbols are not only very recognizable. They also meet the need of many, to understand the world and give meaning to everything existing. On the other hand, there is the practical value that these pictures are offering. The Tarot as "psychic-medium" can be seen as a tool for exploring unconscious mechanisms as well as a remedy for the "wounds of the soul". This dual function, theoretically through the Knowledge it offers and practically through the ability to convey the knowledge in pictorial form, is very fulfilling. During a Tarot Card Reading, the Tarot is brought to life and gives surprising answers to our questions. By holistically and magically answering our questions, the Tarot nourishes our daily lives and answers the questions that arise from our pain.

How does it work?

When cards are selected "blindly" and are pushed back into the deck, often the same cards are drawn in a row. This surprises and amazes many people. It indicates, that the card corresponds to the conscious and unconscious thoughts that are present at that moment. Our thoughts are actually ubiquitous. On average, there are about 60,000 thoughts a day per person! They are fixed or volatile, obsessive or restless. They are closely linked to performance patterns we have learned in our childhood. So our thoughts are escaping in the sense that they don't seem to belong to us. Sometimes they seem to be there to obscure our souls, rumbling and picking up speed and producing events we would prefer not to happen. Nowadays we know only too well, that we are actually creating our world with our thoughts. Therefore, when we draw cards out of a Tarot Deck, they reveal our thoughts. If our thoughts are peaceful and focused, we will be able to draw the right cards. If our thoughts are restless and anxious, a Tarot Card Reading will encourage us to explore the current problem in depth and consider the shown solutions. Through the images and symbols, the Tarot reaches our subconscious being, just like our nightly dreams do. Therefore, it's not the cards, but our own understanding that is able to heal our souls.

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