Mystical Doors

Visit the mystical room of divination at Mme Lenormand's apartment in Paris. Open the doors for your daily mystical prediction! Relax and count to three. Connect to the feeling you have right now.

Then ask: "What message is hiding behind the doors for me today? Then click on the doors to open them and reveal your personal prediction of the day.

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Divine the future with Mme. Lenormand

The origins of the Lenormand card game

Marie Anne Lenormand (1772-1843) was a famous and even notorious seer in Napoleonic times. She is a fascinating character and a feminist hero in a time of occult renaissance that was dominated by men. Although she had very nice periods in her life, she also knew her dark hours, precisely because of her profession. She practiced her clairvoyance with an apparently regular stack of playing cards, but with various symbols and enigmatic words that she had written herself on her cards.

Birth of the Lenormand Myth
Her fame was so widespread that her name soon became synonymous with fortune-telling. It is not surprising that she became the favourite clairvoyant of crowned heads and famous characters. But that did not prevent her from continuing to do her "work" anonymously.

Large and Small Lenormand
The large Lenormand is a game of 54 cards, very fascinating, but of a staggering complexity, even for an experienced fortune-teller. The game is soaked with esoteric symbols from mythology, alchemy, geomancy, astrology, and even the language of flowers is present. The small Lenormand is a more simple set of thirty-six cards and easier to use.

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