Oracle of Answers

Yes, No… and everything in between

The Oracle of Answers is less black-and-white than you might think. You can expect clear answers as well as everything existing between black and white. After all, life is colorful and rather unpredictable, that is…. only without the Oracle of Answers! State your question as clear as possible. That’s your best shot at getting an affirmative or negative answer to your question. Perhaps you are familiar with using affirmations. In that case, you know, that stating an affirmation is essential for the final result.

For a simple and straightforward "Yes" or "No" (and everything in between) to your question, consult this Oracle

Focus on your question. Try not to manipulate an answer in your head. Click on the Oracle to get your answer. The answer is valid for today only! You can also use the answer to try not to think along the same lines today.

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