Reach your Goal

Do you have a goal to aim for?

Do you have doubts about how to proceed?
Do this tarot card reading for new insights.

Concentrate on your goal. Visualize the best final result. Draw your tarot cards one-by-one but not too fast. The higher your concentration, the higher the accuracy of the answers and insights of your tarot reading!

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Tarot Reading: Reach your Goal!

You can use this Reach-Your-Goal Spread as a kind of Personal Coach. Maybe you’re busy finishing a project or curious about something at your work. Maybe there is something going on in your private life or love life that makes you uncertain. You can also use this Reach-Your-Goal Tarot cards to provide you with new inspiration about improving your relationship . Everything we like and have to do, has a beginning and has an ending. Thus, there’s no achievement without a goal. Not reaching a goal often means, that we’ve forgotten our wish or that we've got lost or disoriented. The available opportunities were not able to develop and expand. We deviated from our goal. This Tarot reading helps you to get back on the right track!

Did you know...

How do you motivate yourself in order to reach your goals?

Daily life can be seen as pleasurable or as a daily adventure, but if you don't really know where to go, it can be a boring and difficult life also. Life can be dull and confusing if there's no direction, no vision and no life plan. Defining your objectives is a necessity in order to find sources of satisfaction and to ensure real personal development in the long term. Motivation is like an engine that brings you closer to the goals you've set yourself. Creating your own challenges is equal to creating your life. Then, you can take full advantage of the positive spin-offs that your challenges will generate.

How to motivate ourselves?

Every (small) effort is a step in the right direction. When you have a goal, you'll start to map out your own path. The length of this path depends on the level of difficulties you'll face. Don't lose the taste for satisfying performance if you don't see results immediately. So, you have to remain aware of that. Keep seeing that you're getting closer to your goals every day, as long as you keep them in mind and make an effort.

Your attitude is conclusive.

The concrete is not the only thing that counts. Learning, understanding the challenges and the forces required to achieve them, also participate in the realization. Assign each of these aspects the importance they deserve. It's also important to break apart your different goals. If you're aiming high, try not to look at your path as a sprint, but rather as a marathon. You are like a cyclist. And by breaking up your goals, you divide your race into different stages of more and less importance.

How do you make sure you set the right goals?

Professionals in personal development rely on certain objectives to enable people to find themselves. We all have ambitious expectations and (small) dreams. At the same time we forget to ask ourselves whether we are pursuing the right goals. While it is important to set specific goals, it is even more essential to ensure that these goals match your real desires and needs.

Reward yourself

It is necessary to reward yourself when you take your steps. Consider each step as a success worth mentioning. Give yourself a suitable reward at the right times. It certainly helps not to lose hope. To understand how to keep motivating yourself and pushing your limits in a healthy way, it is good to keep your workbook up to date. The content of your workbook corresponds to the actions you take on a daily basis and the results you achieve. This way, you never lose sight of the whole picture, and you'll easily keep an eye on the details and your road to success.

Setting priorities

Make an inventory of all your priorities in life, whether it be health, love, work, personal well-being or money. According to your desires and needs, you can give priority to the most important objectives in addition to those that can be considered secondary. If, for example, your health is more important to you than your finances, then that should be the direction to follow. In that case, it is about learning to eat healthy and balanced meals and ensuring regular exercise, even if it means giving up or changing larger things.

Identify your needs and wishes

When setting goals, both in the workplace and in private life, you must always take the needs and desires as your starting point. In other words, in order to set the right goals, it is essential to make an inventory of your real needs, desires and expectations. These three elements determine your choices, especially those, to which you should attach the greatest importance.

Focus on the essentials

You have set the right goals if you can concentrate on the essentials. It is important that you have one primary goal and several secondary goals. To make it even simpler; to be able to realize your goals you should remember that happiness and well-being is above all else. That's why your main objective must relate to your happiness. If you want to be happy, you need to know what it is like to give and receive love. Focus your energy on the kind of relationship you want. It can be a romantic relationship without obligations; it can be living together, getting married and starting a family, etc. The key is, to really know what you want in the depths of your heart. A Tarot reading with Tarot cards of any kind, can help you to stay focussed on your essential life-themes. The Tarot Spread on this page, is designed to give answers and to gain insight into motivational issues.

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