Medieval Tarot of Marseille

Your chance of the day!

The Tarot Cards of Marseille are very old. Their Christian Medieval background is clearly noticeable. It's great to do this Tarot Spread on a daily basis to find out what possibilities you will encounter.

We wish you a lot of inspiration with this beautiful old Tarot Card Spread.

Marseille Daily Card

Random Ram

Did you know...

There are three ways to use the Tarot as a predictive and meaningful medium. These three ways correspond to three levels of development in connection with the human path of knowledge.

1. Tarot Psychology: Basic questions

There are four basic Tarot Spread questions. These questions are connected to the themes of love, health, money and travel. To these questions, the Tarot can provide us with adequate answers and new insights. There is one 'but' however. The quality and nature of Tarot answers, predictions and insights, always depend on the condition of the person to whom the cards apply.

2. The psychological Tarot or Emotional Tarot

A number of psychologists are using the Tarot with sufficient effectiveness and often with remarkable results. The Tarot serves as a supportive tool to express their diagnosis, thoughts and intuitive feelings. For professional aid workers, the Tarot can serve as a door to gain perceptive clarity and visionary conclusions. We are talking about a level that can be called the 'small personal history'. Within this level, the individual memory and the 'past' are included, as well as the human emotions and how they are handled.

3. Tarot of energies or Tarot of analogy

Once the emotions have been processed, we enter a world of pure energies. We enter the collective memory of this world. This form of Tarot reading is controlled only by a few and these experts are difficult to find. This is, however, the highest and most valuable form of Tarot reading. The analog level is about the moment, the wisdom and the path to be followed. This way of using the Tarot, hardly focuses on worldly matters, but will show how to follow the most honest spiritual path. Meeting with such tarot specialists is an adventure in itself. These "insiders" seem to be almost hidden and usually they live their lives as modest life- teachers. Probably you will not find them, but if the tome has come, they will find you! That is why these encounters are often accompanied by radical changes in a person's life.

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