The Secret of the Fool

The Fool isn't that foolish at all!

Let's reveal the secrets of the Tarot Fool together and discover more about yourself. It's not difficult and I will help you step by step!

NOTE: After each click, the Tarot cards are shuffled again, thus, the same card may exist several times during the course of your "Secret Card Reading".

At first glance, the Fool seems foolish, but... he really? Take a closer look at the illustration on the Tarot card "The Fool". In a moment, We will examine the different parts of this Tarot card and find out the reveal of your secrets.

the fool

Card 1:

We'll start with the Zero. Zero seems to be nothing. But this Zero has the shape of an egg and is a symbol for the appearing of something new.  Moreover, the sun has a similar shape and is shining on the Zero, which implicates additional growing opportunities. Which new chances may appear in the period ahead?

The Fool and the Zero

fools zero

New Chances:

Random Leeuw

Card 2:

The card of the knapsack. It seems foolish to go on a journey, armed only with a knapsack. However.....this Fool is quite clever actually, not to carry his whole past along with him. What about you? How much do you carry? How much does your knapsack weigh? This card is a symbol of how much you were able to release the past.

The Fool and his Knapsack

fools knapsack

Assimilated from the Past:

Random Tweeling

Card 3:

The card of the waving dress as an important symbol. The Fool goes with the flow with abandon. Therefore, he easily enjoys everything in his path. His dress goes where life flows. Are you ready? Then you can click on the next card.
If you would dare to consciously be in total surrender, what would you enjoy most?

The Fool and the Dress

fools dress

This you may enjoy:

Random Stier

Card 4:

The card of the Rose. The Fool has a white rose in his left hand. He always takes Love with him, everywhere he goes. He gives and receives Love with confidence.
What about your current Love Life?
Click on the card for new insight.

The Fool and the Rose

fools rose

Your Love Life:

Random Ram

Card 5:

The card of the dog. The Fool always has his faithful dog with him. The Fool never feels lonely, even if he walks his Life Path alone. The dog is a symbol of your social life. Are you ready for new insight? Click on the card for insight into your social life.

The Fool and the Dog

fools dog

Your Social Life:

Random Kreeft

Card 6:

The card of the Unknown. With confidence, the Fool looks at the unknown. Without taking steps impulsively, he explores new possibilities step by step. Now, the Fool gives you the opportunity to cast a glance at the future. Click on the card and see what future possibilities you'll have.

The Fool and the Unknown

fool the unknown

Your Future Glimmer:

Random Maagd

You did great! The more attentive you were, the more you learned about yourself. Maybe you want to take another look at the cards to explore them somewhat deeper and gain even more insight in yourself!

Did you know...

The deeper meaning of the Tarot Fool

The Tarot Fool can be seen as Card 0 as well as Card 22 and can be compared to hexagram 24 of the I-Tjing: the Renewal. This "renewal" comes about, through the return of the light into the inner being of the human being. The Fool is not on his way to something, but is actually heading back to his own origins. That is why this card is located both at the beginning as at the end of the Tarot game. Although the name "the Fool" might imply that he's a dummy, he is neither lost nor mad. He is determined and follows his path safely. He knows where he is going, namely, to himself. In his duffel bag, he carries "the World", the twenty-first Tarot card. In reality, his "foolishness" is divine wisdom, which, unfortunately, is often perceived as pure madness in this world. We can also see that a dog is chasing him. It seems that he tries to hold the tarot Fool back by clinging to him. Originally this was not a dog, but the jackal Anubis, which was the Egyptian God of the dead. But not even death can stop the Fool, as he's now "Master of the mysteries of life and death".

General meanings of the Tarot Fool

In general, the Tarot Fool stands for return, evolution, departure, Involution, regression and leave. He is a person who has fallen prey to an unstoppable inner impulse. He represents a sudden reversal of a situation, a departure, a journey, a transitional situation, a passage or an ultimate goal to reach. He leaves, returns, evolves and advances. The northern and southern nodes of the Moon, are the astrological similarities. Together, they form the axis of involution and evolution. If the Fool is laid out as card 22, he depicts a sudden start, an irrepressible urge, a journey, an enthusiastic initiative, an escape or a transitional moment or period. If he is seen as card O, it concerns a regression, a return, a necessary involution before making a great leap forward. He therefore announces, that you are going forward or that you are looking back at yourself.

Positive and negative interpretations:

Positive meanings: Initiating passion, change, travel, departure, someone will visit you, return, goal, arrival, going to someone or somewhere, enlightenment, performance, evolution, progress, opportunity to grab.
Negative meanings:
Irresponsibility, involuntariness, wandering, error, extravagance, regression, flight, searching without result or sense, madness.

The Tarot Fool in each of us

The Fool is the predecessor of the Joker. We lay the Joker on the table, when the situation is difficult or desperate. The Joker gives the game an unexpected twist and helps us to be more lucky. In the Tarot game, the Fool can be placed anywhere also. The Fool is free because he has liberated himself. He comes and goes, according to his desires and according to the possibilities that life offers him. He only travels with the most necessary luggage. The allegorical meaning shows us the lightness of life if we free ourselves from our ego and our limitations. We've left unnecessary mental and emotional baggage behind. Because his soul is free, he can handle everything. He is a unique person who behaves naturally and unexpectedly, sometimes surprising and sometimes shockingly. In this card, we find the greatest freedom, the greatest evolution, but also possible chaos and madness. The dog means, that it is important to accept the animal in ourselves and to be aware of it. On the path of consciousness, we must first become aware of the animal, in order to be able to transform it.

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