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Lenormand Fortune-telling Cards

Marie-Anne Lenormand was a famous french forecaster. She lived from 1772 till 1843. At that time, Mme. Lenormand became well-known for her accurate predictions concerning the French Royal family and nobility. She became internationally known for her cartomancy cards; the Lenormand Cards. As with the Tarot and Tarot Cards , particular illustrations are part of the process of fortune-telling. Each illustration has to be read or interpreted in connection with the other cards, placed in the vicinity. There are many possible meanings and comprehensive descriptions. Some meanings are obvious, others are less clear. As with the Tarot, a Lenormand Card Reader, has to connect intuition with knowledge and experience. These are the three pillars that will make a Lenormand Reading successful. The cards can be used to gain personal insight. Information can be gathered by the illustrations, the names, the medallions and the verse. It’s obvious now, that many skills are needed to perform a Lenormand Card Reading in a responsible manner.

Did you know...

Successful predictions by the famous Mme. Lenormand:

"Your Majesty, you will only live for a few years. Unfortunately you will die by the guillotine". Four years later, Marie-Antoinette's head was separated from her body by the sharp knife of the guillotine.

Predictions: Robespierre, the Marat and Saint-Just
In 1793, , Robespierre and Saint-Just visited Lenormand at her "salon" in the Rue de Tournon in Paris. She predicted a violent death for all three. "You will be the first," she said to Marat. "Robespierre and Saint Just will die by decapitation," she added. A few months later, Charlotte Corday killed Marat in the bathtub, and one year later Robespierre and Saint-Just were accused of treason and executed.

Predictions: Napoleon Bonaparte
Lenormand predicted that the French army would be defeated by Russian troops and that a shameful exile awaited Napoleon Bonaparte, as well as loneliness and a painful death.

Predictions: Alexander I
A few days after Alexander's visit, Lenormand received the Russian revolutionary Pavel Pestel and the noble army officer Sergey Muraviov-Apostol. "You'll be hung up", she predicts. "But the nobles are not executed by hanging in Russia", replied Muravyov. "Then they will make an exception for you", said Mary. After the suppression of the December russian uprising, five leaders were sentenced to death by hanging. Among them: Pavel Pestel and Sergey Mouraviov-Apostol.

Predictions: Rossini
1829. The Italian composer Gioacchino Rossini wanted to know when he would achieve his greatest success and expanded his scores in honor of Marie Lenormand. He asked her to lay out her cartomancy cards for him. Mary told him that he would no longer write an opera and that only death awaited him in Paris. After William Tell, Rossini largely ceased his activities as a composer. Since then, Rossini has been known as a talented cook. He suffered from obesity and died in Paris in 1868, in a great agony.

Predictions: Honoré de Balzac
In 1832 the romantic French writer Honoré de Balzac visited Lenormand. She predicted that he would have an affair with a foreign woman and that he would die shortly after their marriage. Five months after his marriage with the Polish countess Evelina Hanska, Honoré dies.

Lenormand specialists at Free Horoscope-Tarot
In the course of 2018, you will find a selected range of live mediums that use Lenormand cards as a tool. Lenormand cartomancy cards are somewhat less symbolic in nature than the Rider Waite Tarot predictive cards. This does not mean that a Lenormand Card interpretation is easy, on the contrary. An extensive Lenormand Card cartomancy reading can be very complex and can show a lot about the past, the present and the future. The value of a Lenormand consultation is mainly determined by intuition, knowledge of the cards and creativity.

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