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This Tarot Oracle is meant as an indicator that can help you to determine and divinate a different or better direction for yourself. If you have important questions about life, contact a professional therapist, psychic or psychologist.

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Each member of this “Inner Tarot Circle” will have an appropriate but a different answer to your question. Your question will be highlighted from multiple angles, giving you an opportunity to form a broader vision of your possibilities. Thus, the Fool expresses a different wisdom than the Hermit and the softness of The High Priestess will complement what the Emperor sees as unnecessary. The Lovers will humorously show you a more relative side and the Magician will challenge you to take his answers with you on your life journey.

Did you know...

Tarot Reading

In movies, the Tarot is used to read the future and usually in a spectacular way. That is what the popular imagination holds, but it is an incomplete and therefore an inaccurate image. We need to clarify what we are talking about. The Tarot can give an idea of the future, but not predictions set in stone. The difference lies in the individual responsibility.


The Tarot is a tool of freedom. By showing us the hidden reasons behind the situations, a Tarot Reading gives us the possibility to act and take ownership again. Tarot cards can give us back the reins that may have escaped us in times of doubt. The Tarot won't answer anything other than what it was designed for. There's no use in predicting something you can't do anything about. A Tarot Reading talks about what you can do by giving useful advice. So "am I going to win the lottery?" questions won't do us much good. That doesn't mean we can't ask him about the future. On the contrary, if you ask him, he will answer very clearly by representing what you are heading towards today. It is an extrapolation of the present - which is consistent, since the Tarot serves above all, to better understand the present. And it is useful, precisely because you can do something right now.

Today makes the difference

Today is what it is, and yesterday was what it was. If today is like yesterday, tomorrow will be like today. If we want it to be different or if we would like things to change, we must make the difference today. If today is only a consequence of yesterday, tomorrow will be in turn only the consequence of today. If a man wants to foresee his future, he must above all know himself. If someone starts running headlong towards the wall, you don't take too many risks in predicting a future marked by a collision. To predict this risk is to give it the opportunity to reconsider its course, and perhaps avoid the wall. A predictive Tarot Reading about the collision is useful precisely, because it will have given the runner the freedom to modify it. A Tarot Reading is just telling you what to avoid. To know how best to get by, observe the "negative" aspects (like pitfalls) if there are any. Reconsider the cards that lead to them, and correct their energy each time you come to recognize it in your life. And for a useful glimpse of what the future holds for you, remember to formulate your question to the Tarot in such a way as to be the active and responsible subject. This will not change the answer, but it will be much easier to interpret the answer and shape your future differently.

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