Tarot Cross of Life

Your predictions according to the Rider Waite Tarot about Happiness, Luck, Future, Work and.....your largest pitfall.

Turn your attention inwards. Empty your head as much as possible. In other words: try not to think. Click on the down cards one by one to reveal your current personal trends. It will be to your advantage if you contemplate the cards daily. Consider taking a screenshot of your Tarot reading and print out your personal tarot Spread.

Your Trend on Happiness

Random Ram

Your Trend on Money

Random Stier

Your Trend on Future

Random Tweeling

Your Trend on Work

Random Kreeft
Random Leeuw

Your Pitfall

Did you know...

Tarot is a description of (Archetypal) Tendencies

A Tendency or Trend tells us something about the way things develop and where something is heading. A Tarot Trend does not show exact or detailed facts. Tarot Cards are Archetypal symbols of prominent forces, present in a certain period and applicable to a particular person. Nevertheless, Tarot Cards can be viewed as fortune-telling cards. The predictions are descriptions of probabilities and opportunities. If you do this Tarot Reading and if you’ve prepared yourself a little bit, you can find out which particular forces are currently there for you in the areas of luck, happiness, money, future and work. In addition, you will discover your pitfall. This pitfall is something that asks for more consciousness on your part. If you allow yourself to be conscious of your pitfall, the main Trends will have much more power to support you. Support yourself and reveal your Tarot 5-Card-Trend.

Alexandro Jodorowsky

In the world of Tarot cards and Tarot reading, the name Alexandro Jodorowsky often emerges. He is considered a Tarot Master, a productive writer, filmmaker and much more. Jodorowsky is a universal man who has acquired a deep understanding. Below you'll find some of his wise statements.

>Direct your attention inward.
>At all times, be aware of what you think, feel, desire and do.
>Treat everyone as if he or she were a close relative.
>Learn to receive, and be thankful for every gift.
>Don't lie and steal, because you lie to yourself and steal from yourself..
>Help your neighbour, but don't make him dependent.
>Do not make useless movements or noises.
>Don't be impressed by strong personalities.
>Do not consider anyone or anything as your possession.
>Do not express an opinion or criticism if you're not sure about all related aspects.
>Do not make useless friendships.
>Never envy someone's happiness or success.
>Do not say more than necessary.
>Keep your promises.
>Put yourself in the other person's place during a discussion.
>Help others to help themselves.

>Conquer your fears, for each of them represents a camouflaged desire.
>Transform your anger into creativity.
>Turn greed into respect for beauty.
>Turn your envy into admiration for the values of the other.
>Turn your hatred into charity.
>Neither praise, nor offend yourself.
>not complain.
>Do not go into debt; buy and pay immediately.
>Never define yourself according to what you own.
>Never talk about yourself without considering that you could change.
>Accept, that there's nothing you own.
>If you fall ill, consider your illness to be your teacher, not something to hate.
>Wherever you live, always find a space dedicated to the sacred.
>If you decide to work to help others, do it with pleasure.
>If you hesitate between doing it and not doing it, take the risk.
>Transform your pride into dignity.