Dowsing Percentage Chart

Know your chances! Dowse your percentage.

The Pendulum Percentage Card indicates what your chances are. You can ask any question. Click on the divination chart to let the pendulum indicate your chances by showing the appropriate percentage. Maybe you want to know what the odds are of passing an exam or what your chances are in getting a new job. If you have questions about love and relationships, use this unique dowsing chart to reveal your odds. QUESTION: "How likely is ...?

This Pendulum Chart is meant as an indicator that can help you to determine and divinate a different or better direction for yourself. If you have important questions about life, contact a professional therapist, psychic or psychologist.

Ask your question as clearly as possible with inner emotional awareness. Close your eyes for a moment and click on the Chart.

The Pendulum reveals:

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Pendulum Dowsing for everyone

With a pendulum, you can easily and intuitively get answers to your questions. Because answers to the questions are much more than a simple yes or no, the dowsing cards show a range of possible answers. It is important to relax sufficiently before you start dowsing. Make sure there is no hustle and bustle in your head, so that the divination will not be distorted or manipulated by your own wishful thinking. Your pendulum is a tool that allows you to communicate with the deeper intuitive layers within yourself. By concentrating on your question in a quiet state of mind, you will open the door to your subconsciousness and enter into the space within yourself, where you automatically and naturally know and feel what is genuine and true. By practicing dowsing divination, you will develop more self-knowledge.

Did you know...

How does pendulum divination work?

A clairvoyant, a psychic or medium, frequently uses a pendulum to get answers quickly, directly, and accurately. Of course, there are many possibilities between a positive and negative answer. After all, life isn't black and white. Dowsing divination cards are composed of pre-defined answers. They're usually laid out on a flat surface such as a table and the user holds the pendulum between two fingers. The Pendulum is actually an extension of one's intuition. The intuitive part of a human being uses a language other than the thinking, feeling and acting parts. The intuitive part cannot be analyzed or explained, but anyone who has used a pendulum as a predictive tool, knows that the movement of the pendulum is driven by an inexplicable force within man himself.

Where are the answers coming from?

This means, that it's not the Pendulum who gives the answers or provides for a divination. The Pendulum only indicates what a person's intuition already knows. Free Horoscope & Tarot has made a Pendulum Dowsing Orakel accessible to everyone. You can now be your own dowsing expert! There's only one condition to get the right answers. Focus your attention on the question within yourself and wait for the right moment to click on the divination chart. Have fun with this unique Pendulum Dowsing Oracle!

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