The Magician's Reveal

magician's reveal

You do not have to wait any longer. Now the Magician reveals the secret.

What is your innermost Being?
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The Magician helped you to unlock the splendor of your inner Being. 
Consider your card for a moment. The Card depicts the depths of your soul.
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The Fool

Keywords: Joy of life, Carefree, Cheerful

The Fool stands for improvidence and  being in a good mood. At the same time the card depicts the danger of being too naive. Keep seeing the marvel but also keep your feet on the ground. Life is beautiful! 


The Magician

Keywords: Selfconscious, Succesful, Intuition, Unity

The Magician is comprehensive. From now on, things will only get better. Everything is possible now and each path you follow can be succesful. You will encounter magical things that amaze you.

high priestess

The High Priestress

Keywords: Receptive, Intuition, Congeniality

A beautiful card of intuition. Do not think too much but be guided by your feeling. There will be a better balance between head and heart. Follow the voice of your heart and react intuitively.


The Empress

Keywords: Artistic, Furtile, Insight, New

A card of ideas and possibilities. Your wishes can come true if you take them serious. The things you undertake now, can have positive results for a long time. Your charisma radiates confidence.


The Emperor

Keyword: Disipline, Stability, Soberrealism,Order

 This card provides the chance to approach things very rationally.  Nevertheless, do not ignore your feelings and do not act too strict.  With your sharp mind, you create new chances. Stability is on the way.


The Hierophant

Keywords: Consciousness, Protection, Calling, Growth

The Hierophant radiates self-confidence. Let go of doubt and consider the deeper things of life. Listen to your desires and have the courage tocome closer to yourself. You are on the right track! 


The Lovers

Keywords: Openness, Happiness, Unconditional

The door to your heart will open! The card supports a trend of blossoming love. For singles it predicts the appearence of a new love. A certain situation can be handled in a soft manner. Unlock your tenderness!


The Chariot

Keywords: Progress, Joy,Succes, Selfconsciousness

 The Chariot is a card for succes. It can provoke a turning point in a difficult situation. Dare to believe that succes comes your way. There is more power in you than you probably realize. Act accordingly and  feel amazed.



Keywords: Understanding, Harmony, Passion, Courage

 A card of inner fire and softness at the same time. It is possible that more power is needed, or that power is already present in abundance. Feel what suits you best now and think of it as a possibility to use it wisely.


The Hermit

Keywords: Withdrawal, Deep insight, True Self

The Hermit is silent wisdom or gathering wisdom by being silent. Withdraw frequently into your inner world en ask yourself important questions. Have the courage to be alone. Now is the time for inner growth.



Keywords: Soberrealism, Sincerity, Conscientious

It is high time for honesty. It may concern a sitiuation  that is being resolved . It can also be about your or somebody elses openness as a turning point. Examine what applies to you!

hanged man

The Hanged Man

Keywords: Delay,Spiritual growth, Dedication

Time to surrender! This card crosses your path when unexpected things can happen. Spiritual growth is important. You are not stuck anymore. You will experience freedom by surrendering.


The Star

Keywords: Inspiration,
Wisdom, Hope, Insight

 The Star is a very positive card and one of the few lucky cards. The card stands for rest and inspiration. Points of light are visible everywhere if you are willing to see them. The Star gives hope for a bright future.


The Sun

Keywords: Optimism, Zest for life, Warmth, Insight

A card full of optimism! Everything looks sunny. The Sun helps to show you the sunny side of your life. Let your energy flow naturally and great things will cross your life path. Be encouraged by the Sun!


The World

Keywords: Completion, Unity,Harmony, Succes

The world is at your feet. This card is teaching about Unity and Wholeness. New chances are on their way and will show themselves on your life path. Embrace them to see the many possibilities you have.