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Read below: What is an Oracle?

What's an Oracle?

In the distant past, people consulted a living Oracle with their questions and difficulties.

The most famous Oracle in history is the Oracle of Delphi. In ancient times, a priest or priestess served as an Oracle. This Oracle was like a gateway to the highest source and, their answers came from the ancient Gods. In a way, psychics, mediums, astrologers and foretellers are the (human) Oracles of the modern age. Most of them use special tools like the Tarot Cards, Lenormand Cards, Angel Cards, Spiritual Cards of Insight, Pendulum and Crystal Ball. Everybody is capable of developing the intuitive capacities.

Mindfulness, Meditation, Dreamwork, Emotional Healing, Oracle Cards and Love Cards are all meant to help us reach our deepest intuitive Being. There’s nothing like a live Oracle of course, but, if you dare to trust your own intuition or if you want to develop your intuition more, this digital age provides you with a new form of spiritual paranormal guidance. Digital Oracles are not so different from material Oracles like Tarot, Lenormand and Angel Cards. In the world of spiritual selfhelp, many options are available. You can find Chakra Cards, Yoga Cards, Kwan Yin Oracle cards, The Oracle of Camelot and much more.

The Oracles at Free Horoscope Tarot are new, lively, original and even funny at times. Just like material cards can show you the way and give answers, digital Oracles can offer the same.

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