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Tarot Symbolism

The symbolism of Tarot cards goes back a long way in time. Already in ancient times, the archetypal images were used to gain insight into the most diverse themes. Although the images may give an impression of the most likely future trends, the cards are originally not intended for that purpose. Knowing the future was considered to be of secondary importance. Therefore, the images that arose from the depths of the subconscious where archetypal images, linked to the deepest layers of the human and collective psyche. That's why Tarot cards are, in the first place, ideal for mapping out the unconscious motives and forces as well as the present influences of the environment, people in the environment and planetary or other cosmic forces. The Tarot is used by many mediums, paragnosts and clairvoyants as a supporting tool that supports their own fine-tuning and intuition.

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Tarot Readers and Tarot Card interpretation

Most Tarot Readers are offering consultations by phone or chat. These readers are experienced online spiritual counselors and card readers. The foundation of their work is their specific gift and a large number of consultants are specifically proficient in the interpretation of Tarot cards. This is not an easy matter because the tarot images have both fixed and uncertain meanings. The fixed meanings are relatively easy to master with a little effort and practice. When it comes to the art of interpreting, however, the fixed meanings indicate only half of the interpretation. The intuitive and unmeasurable higher energy channels of the consultant play a much bigger role when it comes to an interpretation that is specifically applied to each individual client. After all, a large number of factors play a role and each person is unique.

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Tarot Card meanings are relative and flexible

Each card can always indicate something different depending on the client, the question and situation, and often intuitive clairvoyant sessions are combined with other insightful tools such as the pendulum, the crystal ball or numerological techniques. Most spiritual counselors and online Card Readers have developed their gifts through training and education. This is important for both consultant and client, because both benefit from a correct and understandable interpretation of the cards. Reading Tarot Cards is a very nice method to get answers and insights. Online Tarot readers and card readers are highly specialised in this area. Using tarot cards, they can quickly see what the problem is and how it can be solved. You can also discover the possibilities for the (near) future. A good card reader will map your current situation, literally and figuratively. An experienced Tarot Reader will be able to tell you something about your past and where processing may still be necessary. Then the consultant will tell you something about the present too.

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What questions can you ask?

You can ask questions about the most diverse things, such as love, relationship, work, finances, mourning, sorrow, pain, relationship problems, crushing, raising secrets, loneliness, anxiety, moving or living situation, depression, addiction, tension, transition, burnout, fear of failure, sadness, separation, separation anxiety, guilt, all kinds of mental problems. The possibilities are unlimited!
There are many types of tarot cards. They each have their own quality and specialty. The most commonly used tarot cards are Rider Waite Tarot, Lenormand and Angel cards. Many of the tarot cards are made up of the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards. They usually indicate the main points in a person's life. The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards. These cards often indicate the details of a situation or problem. There are many more types of cards such as Archangels cards, Reply Cards, Synthetic Cards, Chakra Cards, Dolphin Affirmations, Elfen Cards, Energy Cards, Goddess Oracle or Goddess Cards, The Oracle of Love, Jungian Tarot Cards, Mother Earth cards or Mother Earth Oracle, Mermaids and Dolphins, Unicorns, Fairies, Goddess Guidance, Psychological Cards, Reiki Insight Cards, Shamanic Mirror oracle, Soulmate Cards, Spiritual Mirror Cards and more!

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