What will happen in my immediate future?

Concentrate on the question above

Close your eyes for a moment

Open your eyes and click on the Gypsy Card

See the matching answer in the list below

Random Plaatje

A Someone wants to get closer
2 A disagreement will be resolved
3 Family ties become more important
4 A change at work
5 You will open up more
6 There will be discussions
7 A surprise will make you happy
8 You will search for yourself
9 You’ll meet some adversity
10 Love will get a boost
J You will be tested
Q A financial windfall
K Count on a favourable outlook

A You’ll have to accept criticism
2 Old pain comes to the surface
3 More variation in your life
4 A promotion
5 Actually you know already what lies ahead
6 You’ll be more assertive
7 You’re on a roll
8 It won’t be that much different
9 A complete turnaround
10 Much inspiration and creativity
J Ask again in seven days
K The sun will shine again for sure

A You will do your very best
2 A move is a possibility
3 A marriage is quite possible
4 You will start meditating
5 Allow grief a place within
6 There will be much work
7 You’ll rest
8 You’ll undertake a lot
9 You’re about to have an adventure
10 A failure in your work sphere
J Loving moments
Q Warm meetings
K You’ll establish more boundaries

A Successful results
2 Doubt about choices
3 A holiday or free days
4 You’re searching for fulfilment
5 A fancy night out
6 A disappointment
7 Relief
8 More time off
9 Quite some obligations
10 More inner freedom
J You will be touched deeply
Q There will be more depth
K Happiness