Do I make the right choices when it comes to love?

Concentrate on the question above

Close your eyes for a moment

Open your eyes and click on the Gypsy Card

See the matching answer in the list below

Random Plaatje

A Not always, but you’re handling well
2 Usually you do
3 Go back to your First love
4 Yes, in general
5 You get too carried away
6 Yes, if you are being yourself
7 Work it through, it’ll be alright
8 It seems the case, but isn’t
9 Unfortunately not, learn from it
10 Let go and start over again
J You think so, but look closer
Q No, but you’re wound up
K No, never!

A Put your past behind you
2 Don’t think about it too much
3 No, but it does not matter
4 Yes, it will eventually work out
5 You’re hurt; it will be alright
6 Do not think back too much
7 You deserve the best. Go for it!
8 It’s not too late yet
9 No, but you see the funny side
10 Unfortunately, not always
J Do not be discouraged
Q Leave it and start over again
K It’s not a big deal

A Yes, if you avoid a third person
2 Usually you do
3 Not always
4 No, but you learn from it
5 It’s pretty minor
6 No, but let go ad go on
7 You’ll deal with it in the long run
8 Don’t be gloomy, it’s OK
9 Your choices are never wrong
10 Follow your intuition more
J You forgive yourself easily
Q No, but forgiveness cures everything
K Yes, you are!

A Sometimes you don’t
2 No, don’t let your conscience bother you
3 Yes, for sure!
4 Yes and No
5 At an early age, you do…
6 Generally you do
7 Yes, you have good intuition
8 Yes, you follow your heart
9 One time you didn’t, but it’s not too late
10 Don’t be bound by it
J Yes, you’re ahead of stupidity
Q Don’t doubt it anymore
K Absolutely true