What do other people like about me?

Concentrate on the question above

Close your eyes for a moment

Open your eyes and click on the Gypsy Card

See the matching answer in the list below

Random Plaatje

A Your certainty
2 Your enthusiasm
3 Everything!
4 Your innocence
5 Witty answers
6 Your fantasy
7 Your mirth
8 Your reliability
9 Your loving intention
10 Your sympathy
J Your lovely voice
Q Your understanding
K Your caring

A That’s unclear
2 Opinions are divided
3 Your spontaneity
4 Your tidiness
5 Your patience
6 They don’t know
7 They don’t really know you
8 Your happiness
9 Your leverage
10 Your network
J Your willfulness
Q Your position
K Your honesty

A Your smile
2 Not so much
3 Your humour
4 Your stories
5 Your compliancy
6 You’re irresistable
7 Your discretion
8 Your intelligence
9 Your charm
10 Your wealth
J Your success
Q Your beauty
K Your appeal

A Your modesty
2 Your empathy
3 Your sportivity
4 Your mysteriousity
5 Your cordiality
6 Your sense of duty
7 Your kindness
8 Your generosity
9 Your commitment
10 Your light-heartedness
J Your protectiveness
Q Your charisma
K That you are natural