Star Signs General Characteristics

Star Sign Aries

Aries is full of vibrant energy. People born under the Star Sign of Aries, are open and honest. They love new challenges and can react impulsively.

Aries & Love

Aries is passionate. When it comes to love, Aries tends to seek out the adventure and excitement of something new. In life, Aries can have the feeling of having found true love several times, which can lead to disappointment. Aries is very faithful once he or she has found the love of his or her life. Within a relationship, Aries causes positive tension, variation and activity, as a result of which a relationship can hardly end up in a rut.

Aries: Spontanious & Energetic

For Aries, it's hard to hide something. This Zodiac Sign is an open book. It is easy to get to know Aries well, although the deepest feelings are only shared with the people who are dear to him or her. Aries takes the initiative easily and does not shy away from problems. Aries loves freedom and is rather counteracting when someone tries to convince him or her of anything. The temperament of Aries is clearly recognized and everything is intensely experienced. Aries can get angry easily, but as soon as the anger is expressed, it disappears immediately. Aries has trouble working as a team, unless he or she has a clear personal responsibility within that team. Aries can easily and impulsively plunge into something. If he or she notices that his/her decision or choice was not the right one, it is easily released and a new project is tackled tight away. Aries can't stand dishonesty!

Star Sign Taurus

Taurus is highly attractive and loves to have physical contact. This Astrological Sign loves security and is very faithful.

Taurus & Love

Although Taurus has a great appeal to others, he/she is generally unaware of this. People born under the Zodiac Sign of Taurus, do not fall in love very easily. Taurus is loyal and expects the same from his or her partner. Honesty is important. There is no great urge for adventure, but rather a need for regularity. For Taurus, physical contact is important.

Taurus: Patient & Quiet: Geduldig

Someone born under the Star Sign of Taurus is generally very calm and patient. There is a great deal of perseverance present and Taurus will always continue until the goal he or she had in mind, has actually been achieved. Taurus is a pleasant friend, but once her or she is angry, it does not just disappear. Taurus loves luxury and comfort. He or she prefers to be in a sound and decent environment. The character of Taurus is well balanced.

Star Sign Gemini

People with Star Sign Gemini do justice to their sign. They often have two clearly distinct sides. Gemini people are very social, cheerful and love to have a good conversation.

Gemini & Love

Are you born under the Star Sign of Gemini? Then you have a need and preference for variety. It takes a long time to find the right partner, but once you have made a choice, it can be a long-term relationship. Nevertheless, the unrest is bound to occur and you will get bored if everything stays the same for too long. Therefore, variety within a relationship is important. Gemini attracts many people. The need to be at the centre of attention is present to a large extent. Deep feelings, however, are only shared with someone very close and dear.

Gemini: Versatile & Extravert

In general, Gemini loves variety. Always looking for something new! Gemini Star Signs have something very cheerful and playful. The greatest enemy to Gemini is rut. Gemini Star Signs love to be among people. There is a need for a lot of contacts and they are constantly being sought. Sadness never lingers for long. Gemini can be easily distracted and quickly become very cheerful again. Gemini Star Signs are generally cheerful people! This may seem superficial, but that's certainly not the case. Gemini thinks fast and likes to learn new things.

Star Sign Cancer

People with Star Sign Cancer are caring and sensitive. Cancer has the ability to see things clearly. Cancer loves romance!

Cancer & Love

Star Sign Cancer is very caring, also towards his or her partner. Cancer tends to use few words when it comes to expressing emotion and feeling. This is because Cancer believes that others are just as sensitive as Cancer him or herself, and therefore assumes, that expressing feelings is not necessary. After all, the other person knows what is going on! In a relationship, Cancer is very faithful and loves romance, but is initially very cautious with surrendering to Love.

Cancer: Sensitive & Warm

The sensitivity of Cancer is very refined. Cancer is easily touched. However, this is not expressed quickly. Cancer has a hard time letting go, which can be difficult when dealing with traumas. Cancer is able to "read between the lines". Every gesture stands out and everything is well interpreted. Cancer is able to name the core of a problem and can surprise others with his or her insights. If there is a negative atmosphere, Cancer feels it immediately. This Star Sign likes to help others and has a warm personality.

Star Sign Leo

People with Star Sign Leo have a warm personality. They like to learn something new and they love to be at the centre of attention.

Leo & Love

Someone born under the Star Sign of Leo is very sensitive and loves romance. Initially - in the early adventure of Love - Leo can be very unsure of him/herself and have several short relationships. During that time, Leo falls quickly in love. With his romantic nature he wants to pamper his beloved. However, Star Sign Leo often falls in love for short periods of time. As soon as Leo really falls in love, he recognizes the difference and will surrender completely. Then, he can be faithful for life. He or she also expects the partner to show the same loyalty. Although Leo is a born leader, he has no need of dominance in the relationship. Leo is a proud lover!

Leo: Stringwilled and Respectful

Leo easily shows feelings, especially in a relationship, but sometimes, he needs an invitation from the other person. Leo's willpower is powerful. A decision taken, shall not be changed rapidly. Leo can work hard and has a great deal of perseverance. Sometimes he or she can also be lazy, but he or she succeeds well in finding a balance between work and relaxation. Leo likes to be at the centre of attention. Many executives were born under this constellation. Leo loves respect. Self-respect is just as important as respect for others. Leo has a warm personality and at the same time has proudness. Leo loves openness and honesty. Leo is also eager to learn. He is willing to learn from his mistakes and to live a conscious life.

Star Sign Virgo

People with Star Sign Virgo, love order and tidiness. They pay attention to their appearance because they want to look beautiful. Virgo is very helpful.

Virgo & Love

Someone born under the astrological sign of Virgo, wants to be perfect above all, especially in a relationship. Virgo wants to be the perfect beloved! This Star Sign does not easily surrender to a crush. It can take a very long time! Once in love, it is for a long time. Virgo is able to maintain a long-lasting relationship. He or she will do everything possible to solve problems within the relationship.

Virgo: Overly perfect and Sensitive

Virgo loves cleanliness. A messy environment is "not done". In everything that Virgo does, he's striving for perfection. Virgo Signs like to help others. They even set aside their own business. In general, Virgo is very much appreciated by others. He or she is very good at estimating and sorting out a situation. Virgo is a good judge of character. For Virgo, chaos in the workplace is not an option. Virgo has a pleasant personality, which makes him/her very popular.

Star Sign Libra

Are you Star Sign Libra? Then you are a social person. Relationships are important to you. You are sensitive and have a warm nature.

Libra & Love

Is your partner Libra? Then you're lucky! One of the most reliable Star Signs in Love is Libra. Because Libra is rather picky when it comes to Love, it is difficult for him or her to fall in love. Once in love it is also for a very long time. Libra is loyal, charming and very friendly. They will do everything they can, to avoid problems in their relationship.

Libra: Tossing and Turning

Someone with Star Sign Libra will not be able to make decisions easily. Everything is moves around tossing and turning. Libra has the ability to see more than one side of things. This makes it more difficult to make choices. It will become easier with age, because an overview of all sides of a problem or situation can be made more quickly. Libra has a strong will power. Once a choice has been made, it is also a fairly fixed one.

Star Sign Scorpio

People with Star Sign Scorpio are powerful and cheerful. They have a mysterious side, which means that they are not always understood. They love conviviality.

Scorpio & Love

For Scorpio, depth is very important within a relationship. Scorpio likes long one-to-one sculpted conversations. In a relationship Scorpio often needs confirmation. Scorpio is very loyal and expects the same from you as a love partner. Scorpio has difficulty expressing feelings. Is your partner Scorpio? Then you can help him or her to express feelings. If Scorpio loves someone, he does so in full conviction and with all his or her heart and soul.

Scorpio: Strong personality and introverted

Life with Star Sign Scorpio can be complicated. He or she is proud but also sensitive. It is difficult for Scorpio to talk about feelings. Scorpio is cheerful in nature, but objects quickly. Once angry, it is difficult for him or her to let go. Anger often lingers for a long time. Scorpio can seem puzzling and is certainly not understood by everyone.

Star Sign Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a positively set Star Sign and curious by nature. He or she is generally social and others enjoy his or her company.

Sagittarius & Love

Sagittarius can be very adventurous in Love. They are quite easy going in a relationship, although they need time for themselves also, to be able to maintain a relationship. Sagittarius is social and open-minded in Love. Do you have a relationship with a Sagittarius? Then there can be a lot of variety. Sagittarius loves to walk in nature with you, but also loves to be present at parties.

Sagittarius: In search for Knowledge

Others find their way to Sagittarius not only for fun, but also for advice and assistance. This Star Sign always wants to get to the bottom of things and is not too lazy to make an effort in search of more knowledge. Sometimes he jumps to conclusions too fast.

Sagittarius: "Holy Liberty"

For Sagittarius, every form of limitation is experienced as very unpleasant and then it is difficult for him/her to relax. He is self-controlled and can be quite disciplined. Imposed rules and commandments antagonize him/her and Sagittarius will certainly not be compliant.

Star Sign Capricorn

Star Sign Capricorn is loyal and firm. Capricorn can work hard and has great ambition. Shyness may be present, but is not excessively present.

Capricorn & Love

Capricorn will never enter into a love relationship recklessly or impussively. Because a promise is very important to Capricorn, a relationship will be taken very seriously. Is your partner Capricorn? Then he or she will not let you go. Capricorn can easily merge private and professional life. Falling in love with a colleague and actually starting a love relationship is therefore not surprising.

Capricorn: Steady & Practical

Capricorn is reserved and choosy when it comes to friendships. A friendship is often for life. Capricorn can be shy. If you pretend to be more beautiful than you are, he or she will figure it out. Capricorn is not easily impressed by grand stories. Although Capricorn can cause drama when it comes to him or herself, this Star Sign is very ambitious and works very hard. Life is taken very seriously!

Star Sign Aquarius

Aquarius is very honest and has a free spirit. Aquarius people are always looking for new possibilities and can be firm at the same time.

Aquarius & Love

Although the Aquarius may seem a bit stuffy as it comes to love, they are very open to Romance. As soon as they surrender to their love, they suddenly turn out to be very romantic. Within a relationship, Aquarius needs a lot of freedom. To their partner, it may seem sometimes that friendships are just as important as the relationship.

Aquarius: Innovative & Firm

Aquarius is constantly looking for novelties and new ideas. Once something has been found, he will cling to it firmly. There is firmness and great perseverance. Aquarius is a real teamworker. Aquarius will always look for the best for everyone, including himself.

Star Sign Pisces

Star Sign Pisces can be both social and withdrawn. Often there is a balance between the two. Pisces are sensitive, sweet, empathetic and very caring. Is your partner Pisces? Then you're lucky!

Pisces & Love

Someone with a Star Sign Pisces loves romance. The more romance, the more joy! They may be looking for their soul mate for a long time, because they have a very idealistic view of their loved one. Once they have fallen in love, there is ecstasy. Pisces are dreamy and love beautiful places, where they feel happy. It remains a challenge to keep the relationship alive, because Pisces is always looking for more romance!

Pisces: Empathetic & Caring

Someone born under the Star Sign of Pisces can identify with others very well. This sensitivity can cause inner problems, because it can be difficult for them to distinguish between their own and other people's feelings. Many people who are highly sensitive are born as Pisces. There is a great deal of caring present, which runs the risk of not knowing how to set one's own limits. Although freedom is very important, Pisces do not like to be alone or lonely . That makes them unhappy.

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