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Tarot Daily Card - Draw your card of the day and see what is happening today.
Planetary Daily Card - Which Planet makes you tick today? Consult these Cards of Insight!
Lenormand Daily Card - Madame Lenormand looks into your future! Draw your card!
Watercolor Daily Card - Tarot Daily Card with unique watercolored images.
Daily Tarot of Marseille - Get inspired by your daily Tarot of Marseille Card!
Wheel of Fortune - Turn the Wheel of Fortune and find out what awaits you!
Daily Spirit Animal Card - Which Spirit Animal is walking, swimming or flying with you today?

Easy Tarot Spreads

Tarot Reach Your Goal - What is your purpose? This Oracle helps to find your way!
Lenormand Future Spread - Madame Lenormand looks into the future for you!
Thinking Feeling & Acting - How is your balance between thinking and feeling?
Tarot Trend Spread - Happiness, money, future and more. What to expect?
Tarot of Relationship - Are you willing to consciously look at yourselves?
Tarot Future Spread - How will the situation evolve? Consult this spread!
Mystical Doors - Open the doors to Mme. Lenormand's room of Foretell!

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Tarot Gipsy Spell - A magical Card Reading with valuable insights about yourself!
The Hermit's Mystery - Are you curious about the mystery of your future?
The Secret of the Fool - By revealing his secrets, the Fool brings you closer to yourself!
The Magicians Secret - Reveal the Magician's wisdom to find your true self!
Tarot Oracle of Answers - World Premiere! The Circle of tarot Sages will answer your question.

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Tarot Card Meanings & Psychology

According to Carl Gustav Jung, there are 12 basic archetypes that symbolize the foundations of human motivation.
The basic archetypes are divided into 3 subgroups :
>The archetypes of the ego
>The archetypes of the soul
>The archetypes of the self
The Tarot also proposes several phases:
>The individual as he is born (the ego)
>The path to understanding (the soul) and
>The understanding of "what is" (elevation).

Here are the 12 archetypes and their equivalence with the Arcanas of the Tarot de Marseille
1. The archetypes of the ego
Archetype of The Innocent
Correspondence with the Tarot de Marseille: The Fool as an innocent man who lets himself be guided by his intuition, The star that allows access to something idyllic and pure. His goal is to be happy. His fear is to be punished for something he unwittingly did. His strategy is, to let himself be led.
He is an enthusiast, a dreamer, a naive and a romantic.

Balanced archetype
Correspondence with the Tarot de Marseille: Justice , encourages not to change anything while seeking balance in everything.
Its goal is equality for everyone in an established order, where everyone has to belong to a group.
Its fears are: being alone and being excluded from the world or society.
Its strategy is to develop virtues and standard behaviors standard.
He is a non-ambitious realistic person. At the same time he's empathetic, the good father of a family, the good citizen...

Hero archetype
Correspondence with the Tarot de Marseille: the Chariot stands for power, ambition and conquest.
Its goal: where the will exists, action follows. The Chariot proves its existence through courageous acts, showing its skills so as to test the world.
The fears are weakness and vulnerability.
His strategy is to be as strong as possible. He's a brave person, the warrior, the superhero, the soldier, the winner...

Archetype of the one who gives
Correspondence with the Tarot de Marseille: the Star , the gift of self, through love
His goal: love your neighbour as you love yourself, protect, love and help others.
The fears are selfishness, ugliness, ingratitude.
His strategy consists of doing things for others.
His weaknesses is to be exploited and becoming a martyr.
He is a person full of compassion, generosity and altruism.
He is a parent, the one who helps, the one who gives.

2. The archetypes of the soul
Archetype of the Explorer
Correspondence with the Tarot de Marseille, the Force , the overflowing energy of conquest of the world
Its goal: Nothing stops me, the freedom to discover who you really are through exploring the world, experiencing the world, becoming authentic, having a full life.
His fear is getting stuck in conformity and emptiness.
His strategy is to travel, seeking the experience of new things and escaping from boredom.
His weakness is wandering aimlessly (becoming a hermit) and becoming a mystic.
He is a person full of talent, autonomy, ambition, deeply rooted in research, he is a wanderer, a pilgrim.

Archetype of the Rebel
Correspondence with the Tarot de Marseille: Death , you have to question things, start over, starting fresh.
Its goal: Rules are made to be transgressed, what is important is revenge and revolution, it is necessary to overcome what does not work.
His fears are; being ineffective, no longer having power (becoming the hanged man)
His weakness is falling into crime.
He is a person in search of radical freedom, the revolutionary, the wild man, the iconoclast...

Archetype of the Lovers
Correspondence with the Tarot de Marseille: the Sun , the couple and love in the expression of unity.
The goal: You are the only one for me, to have a relationship with the people you love, to be surrounded by people you love.
The fears are being alone, being rejected, no longer being loved,
The strategy is, to be emotionally and physically desirable.
Weaknesses: only wanting to please others at the risk of losing one's own identity.
The card represents a person full of passion, gratitude, appreciation, partner, friend, intimate, enthusiastic, sensual, husband.

Archetype of the Creator
Correspondence with the Tarot de Marseille: the Magician , the one who creates and who discovers. The one who has all the instruments in hand to create his life. Its purpose: What you can imagine, you can do. Create things that have value over time. Leave a legacy, realizing visions.
His fears: having a mediocre vision.
His strategy is develop artistic control over life and skills.
His weaknesses are perfectionism, (becoming static like justice), bad solutions (not succeeding in advancing, like the vicious circle of the wheel of fortune)
He is a person full of creativity, imagination, the inventor, the innovator, the musician, the writer, the dreamer...

3- The archetypes of the Self
Archetype of the Madman
Correspondence with the Tarot de Marseille: the Devil , feel his impulses and what is most alive deep inside us. Let go of your instincts and nature.
Its goal: We only live once, live the moment with all that is most intense, live to the fullest and illuminate the world.
Fears: boredom and annoying others.
His strategy consists of playing, being funny and living life to the fullest.
His weaknesses are frivolity, wasting time and materiality.
It's is a person full of life and joy

Archetype of the Wise man
Correspondence with the Tarot de Marseille: the Hierophant , the one who knows and experiences his knowledge.
His goal: Only truth liberates you, find the truth, using his intelligence and analytical abilities to understand the world.
His fears are being deceived and falling into ignorance.
His strategy is seeking information and knowledge, self-reflection (the hermit), and understanding the process.
His weaknesses are perfectionism, getting bogged down in the analysis of details (the hermit) and never taking action (the hanged man).
He is a person full of wisdom and intelligence. he's the expert, thinker and philosopher.

Archetype of the Magician
Correspondence with the tarot de Marseille: the Magician , with my stick I make things appear.
His goal: desire to understand the fundamental laws of the universe, to make dreams real.
His fears: unexpected and negative consequences.
His strategy is, developing a vision and living through it.
His Weakness is becoming manipulative.
He is a person with a charismatic character, one who knows how to find win-win solutions, a visionary, the inventor.

Archetype of the Dominant
Correspondence with the Tarot de Marseille: the Emperor , I know my power and my strength and I act accordingly.
His goal: Power is the only thing that counts, you have to control everything, create a family, a prosperous and successful community.
His strategy is to exercise his power and his leadership.
His Fears: chaos, being dethroned.
His weaknesses: authoritarianism, not being able to delegate.
He's the leader, the leader, the boss, the king.

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