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Predictive Oracles

Angel & Spirit Guide Oracles

Predictive Oracles:

Oracle of Answers - For more than a simple "yes" or "no" to your questions.
Tarot Oracle of Answers - World Premiere! The Circle of tarot Sages will answer your questions.
Dowsing Oracle - An urgent question? Let the Pendulum help you to get answers!
Gypsy Oracle - Your Prediction about Love, Fate, Luck and Finance.
Game of Answers - Be surprised by this enticing Oracle of questions and answers!
Today's Prediction - Will there be peace and quiet or hustle and bustle today?
Daily Horoscope - Every Zodiac sign's horoscope for today. What is your forecast?

Angel & Spirit Guide Oracles:

Your Dear Angel - Start your day smiling! Which Dear Angel sits at your shoulder today?
Angelic Oracle - An Angel crosses your path. Which Angel supports you?
Astro Angels astro - Which Guardian Angel protects your star sign? Consult this Oracle.
Spirit Guide Oracle - What kind of support do you get from your Spirit Guide right now?
Spirit Animal Oracle - What is your Spirit Animal? Answer the questions and reveal it!

Playful Oracles:

Happy Clovers - Consult your Daily Happiness Indicator.
Rainbow Magic - How much Rainbow Magic do you have today?

Self-knowledge Oracles:

Know Yourself - How well do you know yourself? Get closer to yourself now!
Totem Animal Oracle - What is your Totem Animal? Reveal your Totem Animal Power!