Do you have a question? Ask the Pendulum for an answer!

Concentrate on your question and wait untill the pendulum rotated two or three times. If the answer does not seem right, try to formulate your question again in a more clear and detailed way. It’s possible there’s some interference, so, be aware of wishful thinking or unconscious manipulation.

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The intuitive power of Pendulum Dowsing

During a live dowsing consultation, the pendulum is often used by a medium, psychic or clairvoyant The Pendulum is used as a tool for answering questions. There is a whole range of nuances between 'yes' and 'no'. In order to be able to answer questions as precisely as possible (such as "probably well" or "probably not") special dowsing cards are used. After your question is asked during a consultation, the dowsing psychic ensures a neutral and wait-and-see inner attitude. Sometimes the pendulum may start to swing forcefully in one direction and at other times it takes a little longer for a movement to occur. A pendulum movement can be weak, strong, decisive or doubtful. All these different movements play a role in your final result.


Pendulum cards

There are many different pendulum dowsing charts; dowsing charts may focus on love, relationship, work, finance, health and future, but there are also dowsing charts that only indicate "Yes" and "No". A pendulum can get more or less closer to a clear "Yes" or "No". The Pendulum gives a good view of what is most likely to be or happen. Sometimes a pendulum swings exactly in the middle of "yes" and "no" which means that there is just as much chance of both possibilities. If this is the case, the psychic may consult other dowsing charts to see which of them are best to show the results that apply to you personally. If you have questions about love or a relationship, a photo dowsing chart can be used. The dowsing psychic can give you an indication about compatibility issues or what kind of energies are present and currently important. Even during a live psychic chat, it is possible that your psychic uses the pendulum. Usually this is combined with ones own intuitive gifts and with the reading of Tarot cards, Lenormand cards, Angel cards or other prediction cards. This way, your consultation can provide a lot of insight into the role you yourself play and the role that people in your environment play. Moreover, the causes and consequences as well as your expected future can be indicated.

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Pendulum Dowsing and Science

Everything that is connected to the invisible and the unmeasurable, is often opposed to traditional science. In recent decades, the findings of quantum mechanics and the tests that still take place on the basis of quantum theory, have gained considerable ground. In part, quantum theory is proving, that every thought or feeling is essentially as substantial as material existence. This means that there is a constant interaction between all that exists and that nothing can be seen as isolated forms. Actually, all visible and invisible parts of existence are connected to each other and have the same Source. It has now been scientifically proven that the smallest "indivisible particles" are affected in their movement if there is something that observes them, such as a camera or..... two human eyes!

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What does this mean for Pendulum Dowsing?

Thus, all the invisible is able to greatly influence the visible. If we apply this to dowsing, our intuitive being and knowing is able to move the pendulum through our finest muscles. Within ourselves, a process takes place in which our demand interacts with our intuitive knowledge. When we look at a pendulum chart, we unconsciously program the pendulum to move in cooperation with the inner (intuition and the theme) and outer world (such as the material future).

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