Oracle of Relationship

Reveal and overcome your weak spot. The Oracle Speaks

Concentrate on the both of you together and click on each heart to reveal your weak spot and possible solution or advice. You can consult this Oracle together with your partner or lover. Also, you can do the Oracle individually, while thinking of your partner. Maybe there are more weak spots and multiple solutions. You are free to click on the hearts multiple times (refresh first), but your first click is probably the best.

Weak Spot

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Every human has strengths and weaknesses

Who’s perfect?! Sometimes our weaker and stronger properties are predominant. At Free Horoscope Tarot you can find a unique Oracle of Relationship. This uniqueness is characterized by real solutions or valuable advice. You will get motivated to embrace each other’s weak spots and to transform them into something more valuable and more constructive. If you allow yourselves to be open, you will experience that the Oracle’s answers are accurate, honest and direct. Use the Oracle’s wisdom wisely to solidify your relationship . Before you click on the hearts, be sure to take a few seconds to direct your attention within. That way, you and your partner’s joint intuitive energy will know when the right time to click is there. The best way is not to think about it. Just be sensitive and the Oracle will provide you with the right answers and advice. Personal and warm-hearted!

Did you know...

Oracle of Relationship

In most cases and related to relationships, the concept of intuition doesn't often come up as something important. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth! In a healthy relationship, mutual intuition plays a greater role than expected. For example, intuition comes into play when relational themes are discussed. It is often said that the underlying intention is obscured rather than clarified. The result is misunderstanding and incomprehension. It is better to assume that it's not an obvious fact, that we understand each other well. Feel the intention behind the words and talk about intention instead of arguing about what has been said. The Oracle of Relationship on this page is a good and fun way to practice "relationship improvement techniques". You get better contact with your own intuition and that helps you to feel each other more and think less.

1. Never take each other for granted.
2. Feel more and think less.

Special: How to get over a break up?

Whether we like it or not, a romantic break up feels like a failure, but, it can also be the beginning of a new life and an even better life than before. But, how to recover from this failure first and how to succeed in life afterwards? We have to remember that there are no guarantees in life. The same goes for love.

There are two phenomena that lead us to think that we have failed. In the first place, there's our society that plays an important role in the belief that a perfect couple must last a lifetime. Our parents lived in a society where divorce was not an option and even today, there is still a good chance that your parents or friends will lecture you at the time of a break up. The physical sensation of lack is another phenomenon that contributes to this feeling of failure following a love break up. When we are together, we feel love and dozens of hormones circulate in our body, making us happier. If we're rejected by our lover or ex, our bodies are in withdrawal, kind of like a junkie who wouldn't have had his crack dose.

How to find your happiness again?

The (wrong) answer that comes to mind is to get back together, while there are dozens of other options. To succeed in your life after a love break up, you have to move on. Here is a list of actions you can take to recover as quickly as possible from your breakup:
1. Take stock of your share of responsibility in the break-up. You can write a list of points on which you will indicate "I shouldn't have done this or that". No need to do the same for your ex because you are not in his or her place and you will not be able to make him evolve for the moment.
2. Find an activity that fascinates you and invest 100%
3. Find new friends who don't know you're breaking up, it will do you good to talk about other things.
4. Get out and change your mind. Get out of your circle of trust and go meet people.
5. Talk with people who are going through the same ordeal as you. It will be an opportunity to stick together during this difficult time.
6. Join a sports club, or go jogging in your neighborhood.
7. Efforts to get happier will be difficult at first. Write your progress on a sheet of paper. It will prove to you that there can be small victories every day.
8. Take your time. Recovering from a breakup doesn't happen in a snap. Sometimes it'll take a week, or a month, or a year. We all differ in the management of a romantic breakup, go gently, without forcing things. Never be ashamed of relapsing, everyone does. And when you get better, you'll find that you've come a long way since the breakup.

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