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For a moment, focus your attention within and hold your question in your mind. Concentrate and click on the Heart of Love for insight.

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  • STEP 2: Concentrate on your question for 10 Sec
  • STEP 3: Click on the heart and read your answer

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How are Oracle Cards able to show true answers?

If you already had some experience with Tarot cards , Angel cards or Lenormand cards , you know that drawing an Oracle card is connected to your subconscious, as well with the actual moment of the drawing. Intuitive knowing is an important part of your subconscious, in other words: You know, but you do not know why you know! A universal law tells us that every energetic unity attracts a matching unity. But what has this law to do with Oracle cards ? It is simple: Every living being consists of uncountable energetic unities waiting for other matching unities. Before consulting the Oracle of Love, hold your question and feeling (=energy) for a moment, without thinking. You'll feel when the time is right to click. Try not to give in to temptation; only click once. Maybe you wish for another answer, but the first answer is the most suitable answer. How does this work? As in a Carousel, uncountable answers go round and round, waiting for a question (your click). If you click intuitively, the Oracle Cards shows the answer that applies to you. The magical power of the Oracle of Love is to predict the unpredictable!

Did you know...

What is love?

Did you also remove the daisies from their leaves in order to free yourself from the doubt? Wasn't that unknowingly your first Oracle of Love? Who doesn't remember the emotions that the first love evoked at the age of 14, 16 or 18? How could the proximity of the chosen one make us waver for hours and dream, even before we talked to him or her? We were in love with Love.

The first outing

The first kiss, the first promise, the first caress, the first project where two dreams came together. He was so wonderful, she was so beautiful, nothing existed without him, the future was not possible without her and life was nothing without each other. Our love was pure and eternal. We transformed the world, we would have the most beautiful children and we would be together for a long time to come. Nothing could stop us. Except for...

Except for... the first heartbreak

How much stomachache causes the loss of a loved one. How many tears and crying jags! What a great void is created by the pain of love! How could he do that to me? I never thought she would be like that! What a depression! And just before life collapses completely .... a new love enters our life. Usually, we'll think back to our teens with nostalgia. The path of love is littered with pitfalls, but also with indescribable pleasures and joys. Was our first Oracle of Love (the daisies) right after all? Until the moment that the rare pearl finally arrives and the the Great Leap Forward can be taken. We promise to love each other always, for better or for worse.

The wordly reality

But, according to official statistics, only two out of ten couples confirm the conclusion drawn in romantic novels or films; they married, had two children and lived happily for a long time! We all know couples who have loved each other since their teens, who have studied together, who have beautiful children and who seem to happily spend the rest of their lives together. Not suprisingly, we see more and more seperated couples. According to figures from the World Health Organisation, five out of ten marriages are leading to a divorce. And three out of five couples are staying together for better or for worse, do not talk to each other anymore or argue too often.

Is there a miracle formula?

Is there a magic miracle formula of which only few are familiar with? What makes couples successful when they go through the years together? How is it possible, that some people never seem to have problems with their loved ones and others are always willing to become depressed, to complain or even to be unable to cope with life? Some people seem happy, with or without stable partners. Others cling to the first who cannot say no. Much has been written about the difficulties that arise in love. Hundreds of books are written about how often love is consumed as a kind of drug and once that drug is missing, the symptoms appear. What follows, is, at the very least, a physical and psychological withdrawal.

How to love?

Finding love in yourself and therefore being able to love another person permanently and stable is both easy and difficult. It's easy, because the only thing you need, is yourself. In order to rediscover the place of love within yourself, you need do nothing more than enter yourself. This can be done, for example, through certain meditations and yoga exercises. At the same time there is a difficulty; you will have to go through the layers that are preventing you from having contact with love within yourself. But this is not insurmountable and with sufficient perseverance, you will learn to love yourself more and more and discover, that love does not exist outside but within yourself. Then, an uncomplicated love for the other, without the luggage of the past, becomes visible more and more. The Oracle of Love is one of many spreads with Oracle Cards at Horoscope & Tarot. The Oracle on this page can help you a bit on your way, if you need another voice from the outside. This Oracle uses simple words to indicate a constructive and positive direction.

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