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Where are you open to and when do you turn a blind eye? The Love Trend Oracle indicates your openness to your heart’s energy and love. The Oracle’s percentage indicates the degree of warmth and chances you allow yourself to experience. How does this work? You are a material as well as a non-material being, in other words: you are also an energetic being. Your aura’s condition affects the things you daily meet. Maybe your Love Trend percentage is lower than you’d like? Try not to click again on your Love Trend Heart immediately, but ask yourself: “What can I do to open my heart more?” That way, the Love Trend Oracle helps you every day, to be in charge of your heart be more

Did you know...

The Law of Attraction

A Universal Law

The Law of Attraction means, that you can attract whatever you want. But, since the famous Law of Attraction has become a famous concept (see the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne), the doubts have grown proportianelly. After all, if it were so easy to get everything you wish for just like that, it would be an obvious and widely accepted fact! But, do you really know, how the Law of Attraction works? Do you really know, how to make the law work for you? In a nutshell, the law says, that positive thoughts can make your dreams come true, that you just have to say the word and you shall have it. But, there's still something to explain, before this law will really work for you. After all, there's a difference between attracting and receiving.

What is the Law of Attraction?

Ardent adherents of the Law are increasingly convinced of its successful operation. But, what exactly is the Law of Attraction? It's actually a law that has existed since the beginning of the universe, regardless of the forms (such as man) which have arisen since the Big Bang. Whether you consciously or unconsciously attract things into your life, you are also using this law, or rather: You too are a vehicle in which this law works. The Law of Attraction is nothing new and has not been discovered recently. The law is recognized and described in many ancient writings. Whether you're having negative or positive thoughts, the law answers them in return, on the basis of the "application" you sent into the cosmos. Your thoughts are part of the creative universe and if you have negative thoughts, you'll also attract negative things. Conversely, the same applies to your positive thoughts. For example, if you think positively about your future-life, there's a better chance that you wil meet the right one.

Attraction and Energy

Thoughts are forms driven by and consisting of energy. A thought is simply energy. There is a continuous interaction between the energy we emit and the energies that surround us continiously and everywhere and. Schools that have relied on this universal principle since the beginning of the 20th century, explained how the power of (positive) thoughts could be used. It is mainly thanks to the late 19-th century America, that the "positive new thinking" was introduced worldwide. Although this new thinking is widely abused at the expense of others, this doctrine lies at the root of a faith in divine energies as the responsible source for the creation of the universe, and present in each of us. This "new thinking" is strongly influenced by philosophical and religious sources such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Neo-Platonism.

How does the Law of Attraction work?

We all emit vibrations which on their turn, are attracting identical or matching vibrations. We can't see electric or magnetic waves, but they do exist. So, you need to connect to the right channel. Take a radio, for example. If you want to listen to Channel 1 and your device is set to a different frequency, you will not be able to listen to Channel 1, even though it is broadcasting. Channel 1 exists, but you are not at the right frequency. The Law of Attraction works largely the same. The vibrations that you send into the universe at any given moment, have a certain frequency. If the "frequency" of your vibrations is faulty or disturbed, you must not be surprised that you won't get the abundance you wish for. Change channels and know, that all your thoughts, feelings and emotions may come true. If you are having negative thoughts about your work, it can't give you any satisfaction. So, look at your thoughts as you create your world. What thoughts do you have about your personal tendency in love? What expectations do you have for the future?

You receive what you radiate

Similar thoughts, or equivalent vibrations, attract each other. Your positive thoughts and the emotions attached to them, are radiating certain vibrations which will meet similar vibrations and thus, create favorable conditions in your life. On the other hand; if you have negative thoughts, your emotions emit vibrations of a certain frequency that will encounter matching vibrations , and thus, create unfavorable or unexpected and adverse circumstances in your life. What can you do when you are aware of negative expectations about love or other areas of life? How can you give a twist to negative thoughts?

The creative process to receive what you wish, consists of 4 steps: Ask - Believe - Receive- Act

1. Ask

This means, that you have to make clear what it is that you want, while knowing what you do not want (anymore). You have to be very precise if you want the Law of Attraction to work properly. The law is there, but it will only come into effect, if you follow a certain route and natural rules. It is like water or electricity. There is water in your house and it circulates in the pipes, but if you don't open the tap, it will never flow into your sink. The same applies to electricity. It is present in your home, but if you never press the switch, you won't be able to light up your room. Your water and electricity are waiting for your "order" to provide you with what you want, such as quenching your thirst or lighting a dark room.

2. Believe

When you open the tap, you can be sure that you will get water and when you press the light switch, you are convinced that the lamp will turn on. The same certainty is crucial in step 2. Believing means, that you have to put yourself in the emotional state in which you would find yourself if you had already received your wish. You have to have a certain faith. You are sure that what you have asked for, is already on its way. Only when you feel the joy, the happiness and the gratitude, you will activate the law of attraction. You have placed your order and you just have to wait. Be patient and think about this: Would it occur to you, to dig up a seed you've planted to see if it's starting to grow? Place yourself in that position when it comes to the law of attraction. Do not worry about not having received anything yet, otherwise you will emit negative vibrations and attract the fact that you have not received anything. Our thoughts and emotions are creative. Practice yourself in letting go of your wishes also and have faith.

3. Receive

To receive, you just have to feel good. Then, you will be in harmony with the universal abundance of good vibrations. You will emit vibrations that will bring you what you have asked for. Imagine the realization of your desires and the emotional state, which should be identical to the experience you would have, if your wish had come true.

4. Act

An essential ingredient is often forgotten; Action! Some people think that asking is all that is needed and that everything will fall out of the sky just like that. Positive thoughts and positive emotions will radiate vibrations that will bring you favorable conditions in your life, but if you do not use these conditions, nothing else will happen. Therefore, there's an element of action linked to the law. If there is a flood in your street and the water continues to rise rapidly, you will probably have to flee to the roof of your house. There are rescuers on the way to evacuate everyone, but if you refuse and do not go along with the action that is sensible and expected of you, you are at greater risk and may not survive. It is about taking the right action at the right time, appropriate under the circumstances.

Looking for the Love of your Life? Follow the right steps according to the Law of Attraction!

1. First of all, be aware of what you want, but don't make an unnecessary list of requirements that need to be met by your (future) lover. Do you have such a list? Then, ask yourself if you are really looking for true love and happiness.

2. Have confidence and faith. Your perfect love partner exists! Only meeting him or her is still missing. Let go of your ideal image about him or her and surrender to the flow of life. Take the helm of your love-life into your own hands!

3: Dare to receive! Move along with the vibrations of the Universe and surrender to the positive events in your life.

4: Take action! Don't stay at home on the couch with your fingers crossed, while waiting for your dream prince or princess to tap on your front door. This is not going to happen. You know for yourself what action is best to take now!

Final questions of importance

How would you feel, to be able to share your abundance with others? What vibrations do you emit when you are able to generously share the gifts of the universe? If you use the Law of Attraction out of greed or jealousy, then what will your order at look like? What do you think the cosmic answer will look like?

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