Love Match

Are you in love? Are you compatible? What are your chances? What is your common theme? The Love Match Oracle knows

Are you looking for answers, are you in love or just being curious? Use this Love Match Oracle to get answers. You will get instant insight. Direct your attention within and concentrate on your question. Click on each Heart for beautiful triple insight.

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Love is something vulnerable that can make us feel insecure

Sometimes we need a confirmation about something we already suspect. Love Match is exclusively made for Free Horoscope Tarot as an Oracle for lovers (to be) and partners (to be). Isn’t it great fun to recognize the things you clearly see in the other and the things the other clearly sees in you? In addition, Love Match has a third Heart that gives a hot tip about a common theme that needs attention. This advice can be used to deepen your relationship . Consult your Love Match and discover how you can get the best out of your love-life .

Did you know...

I am in love...

Love at First Sight

Ardent, powerful feelings of love can really unsettle your mind and physical condition. In many cases, it affects the way you perceive the world around you, up to the way you walk and talk. Have you ever been madly in love or blinded by love? There are quite some astonishing and even funny things we do out of love. When we are in love, our behavior and the ways we react are truly differing. Here are some interesting facts about this "other reality" we call "being in love".

The world is turning around more slowly

Did you notice that everything slows down if you are in love, including your heartbeat, your talking and your walking? Men, in particular, are walking significantly slower when they are in love and not only because they are much more likely to adjust their walking speed to that of their partner. This adjustment goes even further! Tests show, that your heart rate changes to match that of your lover. Isn't that the ultimate romance?

You're on the same page

How does love affect our way of communication? It appears that women speak more loudly to men where they are attracted to. Also, you are more likely to imitate your partner's tone when it comes to show affection. This gives a sense of togetherness and belonging. Men are more likely to take incautious shots in the dark for their partners. The eyes are the mirrors of the soul. This is clearly noticeable when you are in love; your deep emotions are clearly visible by the enlarged pupils!

The world is turning upside down

One of the most striking things is, that when we are madly in love, we are scarcely able to focus and concentrate on something else. The results of MRI scans are proving that love gets you high. Performing tasks that require attention, are less effective and successful. Believe it or not: the feeling of euphoria is very similar to the effect of cocaine. You are much less susceptible to pain which indicates that love is a great painkiller. There is even an energetic aspect to this: hold the hands of the person you love and pain may well be relieved.

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