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Love & Relation Oracles

Oracle of Love - Ask the Oracle anything about love or relationship.
Love Match - What do you think of each other? Do you match?
Oracle of Relationship - Ready for improvement in your relationship? Reveal the weak spot!
Love Trend - How much love will you allow in your life today?
Love Letter - A love letter is on its way for you. Open it now!

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Special: Love Psychology

You just met someone, and the next date is coming up. When you don't know each other, the beginnings can be a bit difficult sometimes. To put all the chances on your side and make sure you leave on a good basis, follow the advices of this Love Psychology Special for women.

Stay focused on yourself

Knowing what you want and what you don't want is imperative to start a relationship the right way. Ask yourself the following questions: What is important to me? What do I really want now and what do I need? You should know, that the "ideal" man or woman does not exist. So, we have to pay attention to our imagination, to the fantasies we have. If we expect too much from the other, he or she will get scared and flee. You have to take it easy and keep your feet on the ground. Having too many expectations necessarily generates too many demands, which no man or woman will be able to meet. Although true love is possible," seeking true love" is already harmful to the relationship, because one should not expect anything from the other. Before starting a new relationship, you have to know what you really want, without setting the bar too high.

Pay attention to what is happening

The words used, are just as important as the way you speak. Stay tuned to your body, the sensations that pass through it. You have to listen both to yourself and to the other. So, do not just listen to the other and do not try to "please too much". There's the danger of forgetting yourself, which isn't advantageous for further developments. Taking your time is imperative to get to know each other better. Women often want to hear "yes, we are a couple", and men don't usually like to put that into words. On the other hand, they show it, and it is enough to open your eyes to know whether or not you are important to him; he regularly gives you news, on Saturday evenings he spends the evening with you and not with someone else, he drops a football game to spend time with you...


Each man is different and sends his own signals, so keep an eye out! Trust is built up little by little, and certain signs are reassuring, like the fact that he answers your messages, that he asks you about your week if you haven't seen him for a few days. Trust building is, when he shows interest, shares his feelings and more intimate things and questions you about who you really are. With this trust and little by little, you will enter into each other's intimacy, but be patient enough!

Take the time to discover yourself

Wait to talk about love. There are a lot of alternative subjects to talk about: our values, our way of life, our projects, our desires, our dreams. Don't forget to let the other person talk too (even if you are very talkative), in order to discover who he really is.

Love questions

Nothing raises more questions than love. Many love questions arise from insecurity, from needs or from shortfalls and desires. We can only be truly happy, when we love and are loved. The Oracles of Love on this page are playful and humorous and, at the same time, may lead you to insight and softness. When we can experience ourselves and love with a smile and a tear, we'll feel that we are human and realize that life is worth living. Ask your love questions and carry the answers with you in your heart.

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