Gypsy Oracle

Your Prediction about Love, Fate, Luck and Finance

This Mystic Gipsy Oracle is originally from the early 1900’s. The Oracle was created by a mysterious figure called Gipsy Rickwood. Free Horoscope Tarot has taken inspiration from this old predictive common deck of Playing Cards. Consult our delightful old Playing Card Oracle and experience amazingly accurate and predictive insights about Love, Life, Happiness, Luck, Fate, Finance and more. Get enchanted by the predictive power of more than 100 year old playing cards that have stood the test of time. Choose a question from the list, click on the Card and read your answer from the list below.

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This is how it works after you clicked on the question of your choice:

Concentrate on your question
Close your eyes for a moment
Open your eyes and click on the Gypsy Card
Read the answer in the list below the Gypsy Card

The Art of Predicting

In the early 20th century, the mysterious art of predicting was given a further dimension.The predictive writer Gipsy Rickwood was hoping that his book would be advising as well as entertaining. This spirit fits in perfectly with Free Horoscope Tarot’s intention. The predictive method with traditional playing cards dates back to ancient times. In Gipsy Rickwoods book, you can find 55 of the most common questions. Each of the 52 cards is connected with a predictive answer to a question within a category. There are 3000 possible answers. The writer emphasizes, that the answer’s accuracy is equivalent to the intention of the question. If the question is meant to be funny, so will be the answer. So, serious questions will get a more accurate answer. A Gipsy Saying: “There’s only one hand span between the Truth and the Lie”