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Read below: So...what is Love?

So... what is love?

They say that love is an emotion. Partly that's true, as emotion is a movement, excitement, an emotional reaction and an intense sensation. Love would therefore be a targeted movement towards someone. How can two people during their lives, ensure, that this mutual movement continues and persists, despite all the vicissitudes that a couple inevitably encounters? There are three essential conditions for the sustainability of love: admiration, dream, and sexual desire. And these three components must be channelled to the same person reciprocally. But not necessarily in that order.

Desire comes from admiration and vice versa

Admiration is a feeling of joy and satisfaction for what one finds beautiful or great. You can love someone if you admire the other and if you feel admired by the other. Let's not forget, that two lovers are also two different people who have to respect each other. Only when there is respect and appreciation, love is possible. From the moment we start shouting nonsensical things at each other, we have wasted love. We may not always agree on how to raise children and how to spend money (these are the two main sources of disagreement), but we must always agree that the other is a unique human person who isn't perfect obviously, but, deserves respect and admiration.The decline in admiration runs parallel to the decline in love. Hence the importance of standing behind your partner. Two people who love each other share the same projects and the same dreams. They are two accomplices in shaping their future; the purchase of the first house or car, the arrival of the first and the next children, the professional successes of one or the other, social involvement, holidays and retirement.

The Magic Miracle Panacea: Love 2.0

If we dare to admit the Miracle of existence, a deep feeling, a deep respect and a deep admiration for the Intelligence that our world and the universe have created, all will arise naturally. Get moved by nature and the animals that live in it. Enjoy the miracle of a sunset in silence. Get moved by your own partner! It is this love that can be channelled to this one person and so, unconditional love is linked to secular love and they become one and the same.secular love between truly loving partners is not something that stands on its own. Love has a history. It's the result of the independent love that exists in every human being, but has often been forgotten. It is a deeper love that is linked to universal love, or: the love of existence in the broadest sense of the word.

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