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Astrology, Planets & Psychology



Jupiter’s main feature is “motherliness”. Independent of your gender, you’re in a mode of care and protection. But, sometimes you do not set your limits and are wearing yourself out. Be careful and honour your beautiful qualities by taking good care of yourself first.

Jupiter has a positive attitude toward life and enjoys social interaction. But, sometimes there are so many interests, that this planet becomes lost. Jupiter’s influence really makes you enjoy life. Make sure that it does not end up in spending too much money on useless things.

Although Jupiter’s sensitive and creative disposition makes for a grateful audience, she must ensure not to turn a blind eye to less pleasant things in life. Your helpfulness is commendable and sympathetic, but, let people make their own choices about accepting your assistance.

Jupiter’s colors continuously come and go and your many interests and social interactions are mirroring this planetary feature. If this trend dominates, you may have trouble sleeping. Try to learn to dose more, so that you are able to enjoy things for a longer period of time.

The multitude of activities and experiences added more depth to your life. Now, you can use this natural inner depth to give shape to a harmonious and creative lifestyle. The ripening of your individuality makes it possible to show your versatility without any problems.

Jupiter enjoys being around other people and to organize all kinds of things. Partially, that feature makes it difficult to be alone also. Now, it’s time to start developing that part additionally. Look for something that encourages you to do more than scratch the surface, like meditation.



Mercury seems to be able to disappear very quickly in order to suddenly appear again. This unpredictability regularly causes restlessness. You are constantly in motion and seem to lose yourself easily on the way. Your childlike nature is connected to Mercury but is very charming.

Mercury is close to the Sun. Hence, this small planet has many matching properties. Your merry smile and sparkling eyes are a reflection of Sun’s strong influence. Therefore, you’re prone to hiding your negative part behind a dazzling smile.

Mercury does not like to do the same things over and over again. Mercury always looks for sufficient variety in his daily activities. That makes it possible to be a very good teacher. You are capable of holding the other’s attention by a variety of means. You can learn, that you do not need to always be at the centre of attention.

You’re a solar being. That is also what you want to show the outside world. Nevertheless, be aware to learn to welcome your own shadow also. Who’s perfect! If you are tearing through life too perfect, you might suffer from insomnia. Learn to slow down more often!

Mercury seems to have a very positive nature. His kind heart can learn to accept doubt and uncertainty as well. After all, he’s only a planet! Your agile mind is not always easy to follow by others. If you learn to temporize more often, you will be much more balanced!

Though Mercury can be excessively critical, he will not make critical remarks toward others. This creates an impression of conveying mixed signals. Use your sensitive intuition and sharp mind to learn something about yourself. In addition, embrace and accept your shadows too.



Saturn is a contradictory planet. Speed and thoughtfulness are keeping up with each other. If you are under the influence of Saturn, you will carefully consider your options before you take action. You don’t really come across as a quick decision maker, but appearances can be deceiving! You certainly have a quick and sharp mind.

Saturn causes you to take things quite seriously. In general, social interaction and going to parties are not in first place. Although you can be somewhat sluggish and austere, there’s plenty of movement within yourself. Your sharp mind is always setting the record straight before making important decisions.

Saturn makes you believe in goodness and truthfulness. You’re focused on the beauty of everything. In addition, you’re convinced that you are able to bring good into the world in a proper way. Your self-efficacy can be quite irritating, but you will always live up to your promises.

Saturn’s influence causes a strong impulse of selflessness. This is a beautiful and praiseworthy quality as long as it does not limit other people’s liberties. Give others enough space to follow their own path without getting frustrated. Remember: Your path is not the only path!

Saturn would rather do sports than surrender to social life and parties. Like Saturn, you prefer to go into the countryside as well as exploring the wide world. Do not be too dominating and tenacious if others do not share your preferences. They are only yours and life isn’t all about you!

Despite being highly skilled, Saturn thinks things through thoroughly. This does not mean, that others cannot do things equally well in their own way. Allow others their individuality and capabilities, even if you think your way is the best way. Don’t be too dominating!